I left for Nebraska today! My thespian troop is going to a huge theater convention in Lincoln Nebraska, schools from all of the country go to this! I’m planning on wearing a ton of make up to show off my skills so I can hopefully get a technical scholarship.

So I packed most of my makeup and organized it the best I could, if there is anything I hate, it’s disorganization. I packed my make up according to eyes, lips, face, and things too big to fit into my tiny Glam Bags; they are so convenient, if I didn’t have these I would be in such a huge mess!

Everyday I will be posting a picture and a quick post on how I did my make up.

Stay organized!

Get Fit!

Get Fit!

If I blog about beauty, I should look my best, so I officially started my workout routine today! I haven’t done it in months so I’m pretty out of shape. I’m doing insanity and here is the fit test, but don’t be fooled, every move I did was pretty mediocre. So the next day (which is today) I did the cardio plyometric circuit and it really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be; I felt so happy and successful after I finished, I will definitely keep this up!


Ombré Glitter

Ombré Glitter

I did the ombré effect with glitter. I used a bright pink nail polish as a base then used thick glitter near the cuticle and then small glitter granules at the tip then used the brush to drag the big glitter up. It’s super cute and easy!

Glitter, glitter, glitter!

Nail Color Trends

This will be a super quick post because I’m in a really big rush!

Neon colors and mint green are the biggest trend this season, so you might be wondering “will that nail polish look good on me?” With these tips you’ll know what nail color will look best.

Warm skin tone

  • Golden/yellow undertones
  • Veins appear green
  • Look best in gold jewelry
  • Tan easily

Warm skin tones look best in red based colors. Neon orange, and red are super trendy this season so this is totally the color to wear!

Cool skin tone

  • Red undertones
  • Veins appear blue
  • Look best in silver jewelry
  • Burn easily

People with cool undertones look best in blue based hues, so mint green, and other pastels will make you shine!

There are people with neutral skin tones, they are a mix between cool and warm, usually they do lean more toward one side, (I’m neutral, but I sway toward the cool side) they look good in every color!

Short, well manicured nails, sheer colors, and the classic French manicure is super trendy right now.

Be colorful!

June myglam bag review

Marbella Permanent Eyeliner Pen

I’ve had bad experiences with liquid eyeliner, I don’t think I’ve ever liked a single one I had, but this liner is amazing! It is great for precision and you don’t have to constantly shake or pump or dip to keep the steady color going. I unfortunately do have a few complaints, but they are only miner; it will leave a light grey stain on skin, and it does come off with tears. This liner is supposed to days, which is probably why it leaves a stain on skin.

NYX round lipstick

This lipstick gives full coverage, has a creamy texture, goes on smooth, the color is consistent, and also a very pretty color. I totally recommend this lipstick!

Philosophy’s Take a Deep Breath moisturizer

This one is great! I noticed a big difference, my skin did look and feel revitalized (I’m not sure if it was because I felt so giddy using it, ha!). The texture is so creamy and the color is a pretty light blue, it felt like a delicacy for skin!

Living Proof Frizz Nourishing Cream

This product controlled frizz and made my hair soft.

Be glamorous!


Natural, simple, DIY skincare

I’ve been reading up on natural skincare; it’s super affordable, easy to use, and doesn’t have any evil chemicals! I wanted to use things that are already at my house instead of having to travel for an hour to a store that sells essential oils, organic food, etc. So after researching for a while, my favorite picks were green tea, lemon, and grape seed oil (yes it is a “special item”, but I did find a huge bottle of it at my house, ha!).

Green Tea Toner

Every review I’ve read about green tea said that it has made a huge difference and they can’t get enough now! I drink at least three cups of tea a day (I’m drinking some right now!) so this toner won’t be a hassle at all; actually using tea topically might encourage you to drink it more often, why waste good tea, right?

Here is the benefits green tea:

  • It decreases sunburn cells! A test on people showed that after being exposed to UVB rays sunburn cells went down 66%!
  • Fights acne!
  • Diminish under-eye circles!

After making a cup of tea place the cup and bag in the fridge to cool, then put into a bottle and use for about a week. Apply this with a cotton ball or just rub the bag on your skin and do not rinse off after.


Lemon juice is well known for erasing acne; it should only be used as a spot treatment because it dries out the skin and can be itchy. Simply apply it with a Qtip to bump, but don’t apply moisturizer after because it can cancel out the effect.

Grape seed Oil

According to a few websites, grape seed oil is one of the best moisturizers you can use; it can also be used to even out your skin tone! Apply this with a cotton ball onto skin, for dry skin uses during morning and night, for oily skin its best not to wear during the day.

I’m going to try this right now and will write a review later.

Go natural!

All night out!

Yeah, my first make up post! I am so excited to show you this look, it’s definitely a party, “all night out”, evening look because it’s dramatic and bold (which is pretty funny considering I spent the night at Hobby Lobby with my mom!). Some of the products I used came from MyGlam’s June bag, named “All Night Out”. Enjoy!


Apply concealer under the eyes to brighten and lift the eyes.


Use a light neutral color on the eyelids from lash line to the brow bone.


Apply a dark neutral color on the eyelid.


Using a small eyeshadow brush apply a golden shimmery brown and sweep it out into a wing.


Trace the lash line with a black eyeliner graduating from smaller to thicker then hook the liner back underneath the eye stopping less than half way; then apply mascara.


Apply bronzer to the outer edges of cheek bones sweep excess from the temples to jaw line, making sure that it isn’t too dark.


Use a good lip moisturizer to keep the lips soft and hydrated underneath lipstick.


Sweep on a mauve lipstick! I love the unusual twist of color!


We’re done! Bad lighting dulled the colors, this look really is dramatic, I promise!

MyGlam products used:

NYX round lipstick in color number 629 Power

Marbella Permanent Eyeliner pen number 30

Be dramatic!

How to obtain beautiful skin

The condition of skin is due to the food and beverages that we put into our bodies, so great skin comes from eating great food! Some people have perfect skin no matter what they eat, but if you’re like me and have super sensitive skin eating healthy could be the solution!

  • Romaine lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and carrots have vitamin A which speeds up cell turnover, that means your skin will renew itself quickly.
  • Cantaloupe, tomatoes, berries, plums, and sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants which absorb free radicals and fight skin diseases. Free radicals are molecules that are missing an electron and the spread throughout the body trying to steal electrons from healthy cells, they also cause premature aging.
  • Brussels sprouts, grapefruit, and oranges are packed with wrinkle reducing vitamin C.
  • Green tea fights free radicals, neutralizes UV light, prevents skin cancer, and rejuvenates skin cells; I have been drinking three cups a day with lemon and I have noticed a difference!
  • Water is super important; it flushes out bad toxins from your body. If you break out on your forehead, it could be due to not drinking enough water; I’ve noticed that whenever I am dehydrated I tend to break out on my forehead.

Stay healthy!

Tips for pretty eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so eyes should always look their best! Here are some of my little tips for beautiful eyes…

  • Do you have a problem with creating even wings? Use an angle brush and eye shadow to draw the shape of the wings, then trace over it with your eyeliner; it’s much easier than drawing free hand.
  • For bigger eyes use white eyeliner on the inner corner of the eye and just below the middle of the waterline. Remember to blend; a thick white line won’t look so cute.
  • Extending the line of your eyeliner to where it reaches outside the end of your eyes will make them look wider.
  • For fuller looking lashes draw a very fine line (using the same color of your mascara) on the upper eyelid before applying mascara.
  • Don’t line the waterline in a dark color if you have small eyes, it will make them look beady and even smaller.
  • If you want lashes that look very natural be sure to use a color that will complement your skin tone. Girls that are very fair, have green eyes, or have blonde hair generally look best in brown mascara; girls of a darker color look best with black mascara.
  • Don’t worry if you have small eyes, they are just as pretty as big eyes!

Say this “Eye feel beautiful!”

Sun kissed, not sun burnt.

Summer is here, and that means its time to protect our dainty skin from the sweltering sun. I personally might go a little overboard when getting ‘beach ready’ but you can bet that my skin will be bronzed not burnt.


  1. Use an exfoliator in the morning to remove the dead skin cells and bacteria from skin. (It’s not a good idea to pack them in your pores when you put on layers of sunblock!)
  2. I like to do a moisturizing facial after, I usually use Queen Helen’s Olive Oil masque; it makes my skin super hydrated!
  3. Next I use aloe vera gel as a moisturizer because of its healing properties.
  4. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! I can’t stress this enough, it’s very important even if you don’t burn easily. My favorite one is IQQU’s advanced sunscreen; it has a matte texture so you don’t have to worry about looking oily.


  1. Be sure that your sunblock isn’t expired; most generally expire in three years.
  2. Apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before you go out.
  3. Reapply every two hours.
  4. Reapply immediately after swimming
  5. Use sunblock all throughout the year because sand, snow, and water reflect the sun’s rays
  6. UVA rays penetrate glass, so when in the car or if there are a bunch of windows around apply your sunscreen.
  7. The skin of the neck and chest are actually more sensitive than the face, so don’t ignore them!

Have fun in the sun!

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