Organizing the Cute Way

Have you ever bought a new product and the packaging was too cute to throw out, but you didn’t want it to just clutter up your room? Well I have a solution! My vanity is always cluttered because there just isn’t enough space, so I’m going to show you a couple of examples of how I reused my packaging, it is also a way of recycling!


This is a used up bottle of moisturizer, I just unscrewed the cap and took out the white container which left me with a nice clear one. I used this to hold my mascaras, eyeliner, and cream shadows, most of them are Hard Candy products.

On a side note, don’t buy this moisturizer. Less than a 1/4th of the bottle actually has any product in it, it is a huge rip off.


My Pokemon Ho-Oh figurine box is holding my little hair accessories like rubber bands and flower clips.


My old Victoria’s Secret back is holding tissues, deodorant, and nail polish remover.


This is the packaging that Andrea’s Choice new nail polish line came in, It is holding my disposable mascara wands.


I love little metal tins! I used this cute bag to hold them, there is a Bert’s Bees cuticle cream, foot cream, and (not shown) a cream that heals cuts faster. I hung the bag on the knob that is holding up the mirror on my vanity.


This is my old Victoria’s Secret perfume, it isn’t easy to see, but it is holding my bobby pins! I found it a great way to keep them organized!


This is a little origami box that my friend made me, it is just holding ear plugs, necklaces, and little stickers.

Here is a link to one that looks simple enough.


These are tins that held candies, the Hello Kitty one is holding a towel that cleans glasses, and Keroppi is holding mechanical pencil erasers.


On the left an old vase is holding my mountains of nail polish, on the right my nail polish is being held by a plastic popcorn box. The box is only $1.00 but I do not know where to buy it.


I’m pretty sure that you can’t tell what this is! The other knob on the side of my vanity is holding my head bands and ribbons.


My Glam Bags are holding my makeup that I use often.


This is a very convenient way to hold your “lady items”. It is so embarrassing to be in school and have a tampon fall out of your back pack, so I just carry this little bag with me whenever I need it. I used my favorite one to make my “time of the month” a little happier, ha!


This old shoe box is holding my flat irons and curler.


Oh well, my vanity is still cluttered, but at least its organized clutter! I hope this helps you find fun and creative ways to organize!


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2 responses to “Organizing the Cute Way

  1. I do this all the time with my body shop body butter containers, always think they are too nice to throw away

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