Organizing the Cute Way

Have you ever bought a new product and the packaging was too cute to throw out, but you didn’t want it to just clutter up your room? Well I have a solution! My vanity is always cluttered because there just isn’t enough space, so I’m going to show you a couple of examples of how I reused my packaging, it is also a way of recycling!


This is a used up bottle of moisturizer, I just unscrewed the cap and took out the white container which left me with a nice clear one. I used this to hold my mascaras, eyeliner, and cream shadows, most of them are Hard Candy products.

On a side note, don’t buy this moisturizer. Less than a 1/4th of the bottle actually has any product in it, it is a huge rip off.


My Pokemon Ho-Oh figurine box is holding my little hair accessories like rubber bands and flower clips.


My old Victoria’s Secret back is holding tissues, deodorant, and nail polish remover.


This is the packaging that Andrea’s Choice new nail polish line came in, It is holding my disposable mascara wands.


I love little metal tins! I used this cute bag to hold them, there is a Bert’s Bees cuticle cream, foot cream, and (not shown) a cream that heals cuts faster. I hung the bag on the knob that is holding up the mirror on my vanity.


This is my old Victoria’s Secret perfume, it isn’t easy to see, but it is holding my bobby pins! I found it a great way to keep them organized!


This is a little origami box that my friend made me, it is just holding ear plugs, necklaces, and little stickers.

Here is a link to one that looks simple enough.


These are tins that held candies, the Hello Kitty one is holding a towel that cleans glasses, and Keroppi is holding mechanical pencil erasers.


On the left an old vase is holding my mountains of nail polish, on the right my nail polish is being held by a plastic popcorn box. The box is only $1.00 but I do not know where to buy it.


I’m pretty sure that you can’t tell what this is! The other knob on the side of my vanity is holding my head bands and ribbons.


My Glam Bags are holding my makeup that I use often.


This is a very convenient way to hold your “lady items”. It is so embarrassing to be in school and have a tampon fall out of your back pack, so I just carry this little bag with me whenever I need it. I used my favorite one to make my “time of the month” a little happier, ha!


This old shoe box is holding my flat irons and curler.


Oh well, my vanity is still cluttered, but at least its organized clutter! I hope this helps you find fun and creative ways to organize!



Are Wrinkles Beautiful?

This afternoon Vogue’s August magazine arrived and in it was an article called Fast Forward about women who are getting plastic surgery, laser treatments, Botox, etc. at ridiculously young ages. It made me think, are wrinkles really that horrendous? Is it so bad that people know that you are aging? Are you not considered beautiful because of a couple of lines?

“The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that pre-midlife crisis patients, aged nineteen to 34, account for 18 percent of those lining up for nonsurgical treatments…” How unbelievable! I am two years away from being 19 and suddenly girls my age are getting Botox? I honestly feel like I’m at my prime. Sure, I do worry a bit but the most I do to keep away wrinkles is apply Sun block; why stress about it anyway, you will only get worry lines, haha.

When I imagine myself as an older lady I see a woman who is wise, classy, fit, and has delicate laugh lines from all of the smiling I’ve done throughout the years. I have seen aged women in movies who are absolutely beautiful, I am actually shocked when I see these ladies stunning beauty, isn’t that what we should strive for?

I could be wrong, but the way I see anti-aging is by eating healthy, working out, taking care of your skin by hydrating it and using helpful masques, and seeing a masseur periodically to keep up circulation. Of course it isn’t fool proof, a few lines will show, a couple of thinks will sag, but what is so wrong with it? I find older women who take care of themselves beautiful.

Everyone ages, it isn’t something we can stop, and so why not do it gracefully? Why not embrace the wonderful lines of wisdom and the fond memories that come with it? I know one thing for sure; when I am older I will go out with class.


Two Year Old Makeup Extraordinaire

 Two Year Old Makeup Extraordinaire

The other night I had my makeup done by a very cute and persistent two year old. She actually surprised me by her knowledge! She knew to use a different brush or to at least wipe it off before changing colors; she wouldn’t dare mix my black shadow with my creamy gold one! Although her makeup skills could improve a bit, I think I see a future makeup artist!

The Benefits of Exercise


As you can see Insanity has been rewarding. The first day everything I did was pretty mediocre and now at the end of the second (or third, I’m not sure which) week I did these exercises the right way and I got more done! I also have noticed a great improvement, my whole body is firmer. I have thunder thighs and now when I touch them instead of feeling squishy fat I feel firm muscle, of course the squishiness isn’t completely gone or very close to it, but the progress shows! My cellulite has been decreasing and my legs are smaller, I can now wear shorts without being embarrassed; if you are embarrassed about your cellulite, it might help you to know that 98% of women have it no matter how thin or big they are. The muscle in my arm shows too, they are bigger and firmer than they used to be, also my tummy is flatter!

I’m never tired anymore; I used to be fatigued all the time even though I had enough sleep. I eat really healthy; I’m a vegan so all I eat are vegetables, fruits, beans, hummus, tofu, and nuts. I rarely eat processed food and the only form of sugar that I consume is from raw agave nectar; so I always thought “how can I be sleepy?” the answer is that I needed to work out.

I am usually very happy too, I have noticed that I don’t become sad or angry as easily as I used too; those endorphins do work!

Working out also has become easy, I used to have to force myself to and drink lots of green tea to get my energy up, but now it isn’t hard to make myself exercise anymore!

Exercising and seeing the results makes me want to eat healthier! I think “wow, this looks great; I’m going to eat healthier so I can look even better!” It is a positive never ending circle; the more I exercise the healthier I eat, the healthier I eat the harder I exercise!

I have a blog on Tumblr and I follow some blogs that are all about motivating girls to exercise, here are some of the pictures that motivate me the most!


I hope this helps! See you girlies later, I’m going to exercise!


Blog Awards

Blog Awards! I am so happy that I was nominated, I feel so special! Thank you Donah or A.J.’s mom (as you like to be called) for nominating me.

Now I am going to make other bloggers feel special!

I am not following many blogs and I’m not sure if I can  only nominate blogs that are in the beauty community, so I nominated my favorite ones that are at least slightly beauty related!

The Rules for these Awards are as Follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3. Nominate 7 bloggers for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and Nominate 8 for the One Lovely Blog Award… and leave a comment on their blog to let them know.

7 Random Facts About Me:

1. I am a vegan! Although not all my makeup is vegan yet, working on it!

2. My goal in life is to make one wall of my house into a book shelf and fill it up with books worth reading twice.

3. My favorite author is Terry Pratchett, I am so in love with his Discworld novels! I seriously think he is the most talented author ever. In addition to that my favorite place in the world is Half Priced Books.

4. I am a hopeless romantic, I find can the romance in almost anything.

5. I have the cutest cat ever, my phone is filled up with way to many pictures of her. I think I am either a potential Cat Woman, or an old cat lady!

6. I want to marry my boyfriend and he wants to marry me!

7. I am a Pokemon fanatic, my boyfriend just made me the best deck ever!

Nominations for Both One Lovely & Very Inspiring Blogger:

Pure Ice Nail Polish Review

Pure Ice Nail Polish Review

While I was at Walmart the other day I found this 2$ nail polish called Pure Ice. It was the perfect shade of coral, so I decided to buy it but I was a bit skeptical because I’ve never heard of this brand and it was really affordable. I put it on last night with a base, top, and quick dry coat. The polish is very sheer and shimmery. When applied do three thin layers, this polish can easily get that gooey, cakey feel if the layers are too thick. I have only been wearing it for less than a day so I can’t say how chip resistant it is. Over all I am impressed with this polish, the color is pretty, I like that it is transparent and sparkley, it has a great consistency, and it is really affordable!

Natural Makeup

This is my first tutorial on doing makeup that looks very natural. I was very, very nervous so I sound a little like a robot, I will work harder on my future tutorials! Please leave comments below so I can know what you guys think!

Revlon Lipstick Review

Revlon Lipstick Review

I am so in love with this coral lipstick! It’s from Revlon and the name is Coralberry. This is such a pretty, bright color; it is the perfect consistency, not too thick or sheer. I totally recommend this!

Mascara Wands

Today I will show you the difference between mascara brushes. The shape really does make a huge difference, so does the length of the bristles and what they are made of. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a wide range to experiment with so I will just show you the difference in straight, curved, and this new one that came out (I don’t know the name of it); of course there are many different kinds of brushes that I’m not covering today. I will be using the same mascara so there will be a controlled factor.


This is my favorite brush; it doesn’t hold a lot of the product because of the length of the bristles so you won’t get very thick lashes, but the ball at the tip lets you get to hard-to-reach places.


This is the most common, and my least favorite brush. Notice that the lashes are not evenly distributed, and I could not get to the hard-to-reach lashes. The brush does hold more product that the last one because the bristles are longer.


I really like the curved brush, it is made to fit the curvature of your eye. This brush fans out the lashes and makes them nice and thick; I do think that I might have used one to many coats though! This brush also holds more product, and can’t get to lashes at the inner corner of the eye.

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a great brush! ♥


Sorry everyone that I haven’t posted anything recently. The internet at my house is down, so I’m using my boyfriends wifi. I can’t upload the video I made and I can’t post the photos I made, so there won’t be any tutorials for a while. When my internet is fixed you won’t be dissatisfied though, I have three really great tutorials ready!

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