Follow Up on Pure Ice Nail Polish Review

This nail polish was applied on July 21, and today on the 25 only two fingers remain colored. This polish is the kind that doesn’t chip, the whole thing just peels off. I don’t peel it off myself, it usually happens when I’m washing my hair in the shower or I scratch something, the whole thing just comes loose. I wasn’t surprised since the bottle was only $2.00. If you don’t mind carrying the bottle in your purse for touch ups I would say this is a good find, but if you do a bunch of hands on work like gardening I would say buy a better brand.


Forever XXI Sale!

I don’t know about you, but I get just about all of my clothes from Forever XXI and right now they are having this amazing sale “buy one get one free”! The items are super affordable, at a glance the highest price I saw was $18.99! I just bought two pairs of high waisted shorts for $10.99; I have been dying for some, and all of the sudden a miracle comes to me the day after allowance, my total came out to $18.something and that is with only $6.00 shipping.I don’t know when the sale ends, so hurry! I know I sound like a walking advertisement so I’ll stop, right after I show you the shorts I bought!

Hurry snail mail!

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