Brain Storming


This is how I brain storm when I’m to lazy to put makeup on my face.

Possible tutorial coming soon, I’m sure you can guess what inspired this one.

I think I’m finally through with my blogging block, the ideas just keep flowing.


Ombre eyeliner

I’m sure you’ve all heard about and love the ombre trend, I know I do! This looks is simple, fast, and cute. Enjoy!


Sweep white eyeshadow on lids up to the eyebrows.


Dust on a light pinkie purple shadow, make sure it is not bright because this isn’t what we want to stand out.


Apply a pink eyeliner from the inner corner of the lid to the middle.


apply a purple liner from where the pink ends and sweep into a wing, then apply to waterline.


Apply mascara, be sure not to apply it where the pink eyeliner is because you don’t want to cover it.

Now we’re done!


Playful Summer

Here is the look from yesterday’s sneak peek! This is a really cute and fun summery look, perfect for hanging out with friends, going to the mall,  the carnival, etc. Enjoy.





The sparkles didn’t show up in the picture so I added them with my cute photo editing app.




1. Hard Candy Lash Tinsel

2.Cover Girl bronzer

3.Cover Girl vivid greens palette 705

4.Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil

5. KLEANCOLOR eyeshadow palette 36

6.Revlon cupcake lipstick 055

Be cute!

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of tomorrow’s tutorial!

Ombré Glitter

Ombré Glitter

I did the ombré effect with glitter. I used a bright pink nail polish as a base then used thick glitter near the cuticle and then small glitter granules at the tip then used the brush to drag the big glitter up. It’s super cute and easy!

Glitter, glitter, glitter!

Nail Color Trends

This will be a super quick post because I’m in a really big rush!

Neon colors and mint green are the biggest trend this season, so you might be wondering “will that nail polish look good on me?” With these tips you’ll know what nail color will look best.

Warm skin tone

  • Golden/yellow undertones
  • Veins appear green
  • Look best in gold jewelry
  • Tan easily

Warm skin tones look best in red based colors. Neon orange, and red are super trendy this season so this is totally the color to wear!

Cool skin tone

  • Red undertones
  • Veins appear blue
  • Look best in silver jewelry
  • Burn easily

People with cool undertones look best in blue based hues, so mint green, and other pastels will make you shine!

There are people with neutral skin tones, they are a mix between cool and warm, usually they do lean more toward one side, (I’m neutral, but I sway toward the cool side) they look good in every color!

Short, well manicured nails, sheer colors, and the classic French manicure is super trendy right now.

Be colorful!

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