From BB to CC

Just when we finally got BB cream to the United States, Korea and Japan were already ahead of us and were using the next letter in the alphabet: CC cream. CC cream, otherwise known as Color Correction or Color Control cream, is the better version of BB cream.

CC cream has a higher SPF to protect skin from UVA and UVB rays, a lighter and silkier texture to ward of oily finishes, corrects and blends with skin tone better than its former self, has a natural finish, and still has amazing skin benefits.

Unfortunately CC cream is still unavailable to us in the US, but Chanel is the first US brand to sign on with CC creams and is available on their Chinese website; hope you can read Chinese!

I haven’t even finished my first bottle of BB cream, and I’m still marveling over its properties even though I bought it during the summer, I wonder what my reaction will be like when CC creams come out!

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