Colored Tights

Colored Tights

So yesterday I was at Forever 21 and was sucked into a little shopping trick. To form a line leading up to the register they used boxes of little accessories. This is a trick to make shoppers spend more by making an impulsive decision to buy the item without having time to really think if you will actually want it after you buy it.

So I bought these yellow and purple woven tights. I will admit that they are adorable and will make an outfit super cute, but I have no idea of what I should wear them with, and what about the color? Those are spring colors, not fall and winter.

So I need a little help on deciding how to wear these. Maybe I should wear them even though the colors are all wrong, I think I’m a little too trendy!

Have you girls ever went “impulsive shopping” and found a great way to wear your odd accessories? I would love to hear about how you made them work!


Nail Color Trends

This will be a super quick post because I’m in a really big rush!

Neon colors and mint green are the biggest trend this season, so you might be wondering “will that nail polish look good on me?” With these tips you’ll know what nail color will look best.

Warm skin tone

  • Golden/yellow undertones
  • Veins appear green
  • Look best in gold jewelry
  • Tan easily

Warm skin tones look best in red based colors. Neon orange, and red are super trendy this season so this is totally the color to wear!

Cool skin tone

  • Red undertones
  • Veins appear blue
  • Look best in silver jewelry
  • Burn easily

People with cool undertones look best in blue based hues, so mint green, and other pastels will make you shine!

There are people with neutral skin tones, they are a mix between cool and warm, usually they do lean more toward one side, (I’m neutral, but I sway toward the cool side) they look good in every color!

Short, well manicured nails, sheer colors, and the classic French manicure is super trendy right now.

Be colorful!

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