Six beauty items that aren’t very friendly

Here is a list of regular beauty items that surprisingly contain animal products..

1. Candles- So they aren’t apart of a beauty routine, but most of us girls use them and they just smell oh so good! Unfortunately, some contain beeswax or honey for scent, you can find vegan candles here. If you’re wondering why bee products are so bad, I have finally found out why here; no more Burt’s Bees products for me.

2. Toothpaste- They usually contain dairy products and I know for a fact that in the USA Colgate test on animals. I found a nice blog that listed their favorite vegan and all around healthier toothpaste here.

3. Deodorant- Even this isn’t vegan, but if you’re a healthy vegan you shouldn’t have body odor anyways, I rarely even wear deodorant anymore; find out why here. Ban is accidentally vegan, and I use Kiss my Face deodorant. Crystal Body Deodorant Stick, Natural Grooming by Herban Cowboy Men’s Natural Deodorant, andJason’s Natural Cosmetics Deodorant Stick are supposed to be really great.

4. Shoes- I am always careful about this, it is so easy to forget to check what they are made of in the excitement of finding uber cute shoes. This is my favorite website for vegan shoes.

5. Vitamins- Do you know where those vitamins that are so great for your hair, skin, and nails are derived from? Check the labeling on the bottles, if they are vegan they should have a vegan symbol or say “suitable for vegetarians and vegans”.

6. Makeup- Of course I couldn’t forget this! I found a blog with a bunch of vegan friendly makeup links, you can see it here. I’m not totally sure but I think that all or at least some of Tarte’s cosmetics are vegan. Just so everyone knows, I was mistaken, I though ELF was vegan but it is only cruelty free, sadly.

I hope this helps you friendly girls make ‘pretty’ wise decisions!

(did you notice the pun?)

Save the Bunnies! ♥


Tiny makeup bag

The other night I slept over at my friend’s house. I didn’t want to bring my huge makeup collection with me because it’s too big to carry everywhere and I wouldn’t have much time to put it on while I was there. So I packed a few essentials with me, here they are.


Elf finishing powder, Lise Waiter concealer wheel, and Cover Girl bronzer.

Lately it seems like I’ve been obsessed with bronzer, but it’s only because it is so perfect for summer! I’m very fair so I don’t often have that sun kissed glow, it’s nice knowing that I can just fake it!


All Elf products, 3-in-1 Mascara, Under Eye Concealer, and Waterproof Eyeliner.

I absolutely adore these products! The Under Eye Concealer is amazing, It really makes me look so awake. The 3-in-1 Mascara is great for a natural look, it doesn’t really thicken the lashes much, but it makes them darker and longer. Truthfully, the eyeliner is just okay, it isn’t bad just not the best I’ve ever had.


Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain, and Nivea Lip Moisturizer

I love lip stain, it’s great when you don’t want to worry about smudges, and reapplication. This color is perfect for summer, but if you have cool undertones try for a pinker shade.


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