The Benefits of Exercise


As you can see Insanity has been rewarding. The first day everything I did was pretty mediocre and now at the end of the second (or third, I’m not sure which) week I did these exercises the right way and I got more done! I also have noticed a great improvement, my whole body is firmer. I have thunder thighs and now when I touch them instead of feeling squishy fat I feel firm muscle, of course the squishiness isn’t completely gone or very close to it, but the progress shows! My cellulite has been decreasing and my legs are smaller, I can now wear shorts without being embarrassed; if you are embarrassed about your cellulite, it might help you to know that 98% of women have it no matter how thin or big they are. The muscle in my arm shows too, they are bigger and firmer than they used to be, also my tummy is flatter!

I’m never tired anymore; I used to be fatigued all the time even though I had enough sleep. I eat really healthy; I’m a vegan so all I eat are vegetables, fruits, beans, hummus, tofu, and nuts. I rarely eat processed food and the only form of sugar that I consume is from raw agave nectar; so I always thought “how can I be sleepy?” the answer is that I needed to work out.

I am usually very happy too, I have noticed that I don’t become sad or angry as easily as I used too; those endorphins do work!

Working out also has become easy, I used to have to force myself to and drink lots of green tea to get my energy up, but now it isn’t hard to make myself exercise anymore!

Exercising and seeing the results makes me want to eat healthier! I think “wow, this looks great; I’m going to eat healthier so I can look even better!” It is a positive never ending circle; the more I exercise the healthier I eat, the healthier I eat the harder I exercise!

I have a blog on Tumblr and I follow some blogs that are all about motivating girls to exercise, here are some of the pictures that motivate me the most!


I hope this helps! See you girlies later, I’m going to exercise!


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