Are Wrinkles Beautiful?

This afternoon Vogue’s August magazine arrived and in it was an article called Fast Forward about women who are getting plastic surgery, laser treatments, Botox, etc. at ridiculously young ages. It made me think, are wrinkles really that horrendous? Is it so bad that people know that you are aging? Are you not considered beautiful because of a couple of lines?

“The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that pre-midlife crisis patients, aged nineteen to 34, account for 18 percent of those lining up for nonsurgical treatments…” How unbelievable! I am two years away from being 19 and suddenly girls my age are getting Botox? I honestly feel like I’m at my prime. Sure, I do worry a bit but the most I do to keep away wrinkles is apply Sun block; why stress about it anyway, you will only get worry lines, haha.

When I imagine myself as an older lady I see a woman who is wise, classy, fit, and has delicate laugh lines from all of the smiling I’ve done throughout the years. I have seen aged women in movies who are absolutely beautiful, I am actually shocked when I see these ladies stunning beauty, isn’t that what we should strive for?

I could be wrong, but the way I see anti-aging is by eating healthy, working out, taking care of your skin by hydrating it and using helpful masques, and seeing a masseur periodically to keep up circulation. Of course it isn’t fool proof, a few lines will show, a couple of thinks will sag, but what is so wrong with it? I find older women who take care of themselves beautiful.

Everyone ages, it isn’t something we can stop, and so why not do it gracefully? Why not embrace the wonderful lines of wisdom and the fond memories that come with it? I know one thing for sure; when I am older I will go out with class.


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